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දඟකාර පුංචි සුරංගනාවි


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Dhagakara Punchi Suranganawi, දඟකාර පුංචි සුරංගනාවි,  A Very Naughty Angel, Barbara Cartland, දගකාර පුංචි සුරංගනාවී , dagakara punchi suranganawi, dagakaara punchi suranganawi

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දඟකාර පුංචි සුරංගනාවි – Rs.420 -20% discount Rs.336/=

This book is the sinhala translation of  “A Very Naughty Angel” by Barbara Cartland.
Lady Victoria Matilda Tetherton Smythe murmured assent to her mother’s reminder, but secretly worried whether marriage to Prince Maximilian of Obernia would bring her real happiness.

Her worry increased as she toured palaces on the Continent en route to meet her bethrothed. Royal conversation was so stuffy, palace life so boring.

Desperate for one taste of excitement before her wedding, Tilda persuaded her tutor-chaperon to take her to a Bavarian beer hall. Her moment of naughtiness would lead Tilda to a night she would never forget–a night of wild adventure with the handsomest, most exciting man she had ever met.

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