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guru guna suwadha, ගුරු ගුණ සුවඳ, guru guna suwada, Letters to My Teacher, Barb King, Motivational Book, Self-help Book,

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This book is the sinhala translation of “ Letters to My Teacher” by Barb King.
– A great gift for teachers, aspiring teachers, and anyone who admires teachers
– The only series based on actual letters–from both children and adults
– Follows the hugely successful A Cup of Comfort for Teachers
Letters to My Teacher is a collection of inspiring letters to teachers from adults looking back, and kids looking up. In more than sixty letters, grateful students tell moving stories of lessons learned and lives transformed, including:
– Adrienne, who overcomes the emotional turmoil in her family life, thanks to the teacher who show her that life always gives you changes
– Birgit, who attended school behind The Wall in West Berlin and remembers the teacher whose enthusiasm and idealism opened her mind to a world of possibilities
– Lynn, a doctoral candidate who learns to embrace her Appalachian past with the help of a caring professor who encourages her to explore and celebrate heritage
Dedicated to those everyday heroes whose unshakeable belief in their students helps those students believe in themselves, many for the first time, this heartwarming book is sure to appeal to teachers and students alike.

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