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කාන්තාරයේ අහිංසකාවිය


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Kantharaye Ahinsakawiya, කාන්තාරයේ අහිංසකාවිය, Forbidden Love, Norma Khouri, Love story, novel, romantic,

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කාන්තාරයේ අහිංසකාවිය – Rs.550 -20% discount Rs.440/=

This book is the sinhala translation of “Forbidden Love” by Norma Khouri.
Forbidden Love is a 2003 book written by Norma Khouri, purporting to tell a true story about her best friend in Jordan, Dalia. The story describes Dalia’s love for a Christian soldier, Michael, which is kept secret from her Muslim father due to conflicts in religion.

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