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පසුතැවිලි නොවෙන්නෙමි


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Pasuthawili Novennemi, පසුතැවිලි නොවෙන්නෙමි, Pasuthevili Novennemi, The Bite Of The Mango, Mariatu Kamara and Susan McClelland, Biography, Autobiography,

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පසුතැවිලි නොවෙන්නෙමි – Rs.400 -20% discount Rs.320/=

This book is the sinhala translation of The Bite Of The Mango” by Mariatu Kamara and Susan McClelland.
The astounding story of one girl’s journey from war victim to UNICEF Special Representative. As a child in a small rural village in Sierra Leone, Mariatu Kamara lived peacefully surrounded by family and friends. Rumors of rebel attacks were no more than a distant worry.

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