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වෙන් කරනු එපා අප

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wen karanu epa apa, වෙන් කරනු එපා අප, My Dad’s A Policeman, Cathy Glass,


වෙන් කරනු එපා අප Rs.400 -15% discount Rs.340/-

This book is the sinhala translation of “My Dad’s A Policeman” by Cathy Glass.

Fast-paced and compelling, this short story from Cathy Glass follows the experiences of a Ryan, a small and lonely 12-year-old boy who struggles to fit in. In an attempt to make friends, and discourage the school bullies from picking on him, Ryan tells his peers that his dad is a policeman. When the police actually turn up on Ryan’s doorstep, to take him away from his alcoholic mother and put him in care, his life crumbles.

It’s not long before Ryan has run away, taking a long bus ride back across the city, desperate to get back to the inner-city life he knows. Keeping a low profile, and sneaking in to his best friend’s house late a night for shelter, he soon discovers that he’s not the only one who appears to be stretching the truth about the happiness of his home life.


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